Hello! My name is Liam MacCaul and I have lived in Las Vegas since 2002. I attended UNLV and graduated with my bachelor's degree in 2007 and my masters in 2017. While I have always stayed tuned into local news and events, I really became aware of our school district in 2013 when I met my wife. She had two young daughters, ages 3 and 7, and I began to see potential opportunities to improve.

My wife and I live with the challenges of our school district on a daily basis. We have dealt with bullying, safety concerns, transportation problems and many more. We have had the fortunate opportunity through these issues to meet and develop great partnerships within our daughters' schools, but I hope to develop a great relationship with all schools in District F to make the education the best experience possible for the kids of Clark County.
Where I Stand
Our schools need to be SAFE and SECURE

We need to ensure that students, teachers, and administrators are kept safe to ensure that there is a conducive learning environment. We are hearing about fights in classrooms all too often these days. All options should be on the table as nothing is more important than the safety of our future generations.

Make sure teachers and support staff are VALUED

The people who make the biggest impact in our children's lives should be held in the highest regard. We have teachers currently who cannot afford to live. We need to make sure the teachers that are currently in the district are shown the value they deserve.

Everyone needs to be held ACCOUNTABLE

The teachers, students, and administrations at all levels of Clark County School District need to be held accountable. Not all teachers teach the same way and not all schools run the same, and so knowing that we need to allow them to do things their way but hold them accountable to meet key performance indicators.

Work Together with schools in District F to foster COLLABORATION

I plan on meeting with every school to build a collaborative relationship to ensure the voices of the faculty and parents are heard.
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